money max guarantee

The Promise of Authenticity MoneyMax offers customers a peace of mind when it comes to making a purchase with us. With years of experience and the technical know-how on grading, authentication and restoration of gold, jewellery and watches, MoneyMax promise to deliver quality products in great condition at exceptional prices, certified with our very own valuers.

It is also a recipient of the Singapore Excellent Service Award commissioned by SPRING Singapore, and the overall winner of the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2013 – Promising Brands. The Group has been listed on the MSCI Singapore Micro Cap Index since November 2013.


To be the trusted market leader in providing quick and convenient financing solutions


  • 1. To maintain the highest level of corporate governance and integrity in our business
  • 2. To provide customers with the best value in our products and services
  • 3. To deliver best-in-class service to increase customer satisfaction