How pawning works?

Convert your valuables into instant cash!

Pawnbroking is a fast, easy and fuss-free solution for your short-term cash needs. Simply bring your precious items – gold, diamonds, gemstones or luxury timepieces– to any MoneyMax stores and we can offer you instant cash without filling in forms, credit checks or no waiting for approval. Your items will then be stored safely in our strong room / safe during the length of your pawnbroking contract, up to a maximum of 6 months with the option of renewal. You can be rest assured that we will never sell your items during this period, and the pledged item(s) will remain yours during the entire process.

You can pay up your loan at any MoneyMax store at your convenience and your items will be returned to you in the original condition that was being pawned.

Curious to find out how much your valuables are worth without having to go down to the store itself? MoneyMax is pleased to bring you the ease of valuing your item online! Simply fill up a quick form and have an estimate valuation within 3 business days!


  • Items pledged for short term loans will be stored safely during the length of the pawnbroking contract for up to six months. The owner of the pledged item may renew or redeem the item anytime within the six months period by producing the original pawn ticket.
  • Our frontline staff will conduct a visual and physical check of the pledged item (done in the presence of the customer) to appraise if its value corresponds with the proposed loan amount.
  • This assessment is part of MoneyMax’s internal compliance procedures and is not a valuation representation or assurance to the customer or to any third party.


  • It is imperative to note that the loan amount offered on the pledged item is not an indication of the guaranteed market value of the pledged item. The loan amount is also subject to the staff’s judgement of the value as well as the credit worthiness of the customer.
  • As such, the pawnbroker is taking a risk when it accepts a pledged item as security for the loan or when the pawn ticket holder does not redeem the pledged item.


  • Should a customer redeem his/her pledged item, and want to re-pledge the same item for a new loan, the item will be subjected to another round of evaluation and inspection as this would be a new transaction.
  • Although it may be the same item, it is important to note that it is the prerogative of the pawnbroker to decide whether to accept the re-pledged item.
  • The loan amount given may also vary as it depends on the envisaged value of the pledged item at the time. For example, the pledge value of a piece of gold jewellery would depend on the prevailing market price for gold.


  • The pawn ticket holder is entitled to assign the pawn ticket to a third party. The third party holder of the pawn ticket redeeming the pledged item will, however, bear the full risk as regards the true value of the pledged item.
  • The pawnbroker does not in any way nor in any of its terms and conditions of its business provide any representation or warranty to any third party as regards the true value or authenticity of the pledged item.
  • As part of MoneyMax’s due diligence to ensure that the original pledged item is delivered to the pawn ticket holder, our staff will verify the item against the salient details and description that are stated on the pawn ticket.
  • It is important to bear in mind that it is a risk when buying a pawn ticket from anyone as there could be legal implications in connection with the ownership or origin of the pledged item. In addition, the loan amount stated on the pawn ticket may not reflect the actual value of the pledged item.
  • A third party holder of the pawn ticket can only look to the original pawn ticket holder for recourse in the event the redeemed item is not genuine or authentic. The pawnbroker is merely a safe-keeper and does not provide any warranty or assurance of the value of the pledged item.


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