Care Recommendations for Luxury Timepieces

How to take care of your luxury timepieces

General Tips:

  1. Constant contact with water or high humidity can discolour your leather strap
  2. Extended exposure to direct sunlight can also affect the colour and quality of the leather strap.
  3. Wipe off moisture and perspiration with a soft cloth when you remove your watch
Cleaning Tips
  1. Clean your watch regularly with a damp cloth
  2. For watches with leather strap, keep it away from wet cloths.
  3. For watches with metal bracelets, use a soft brush and dipped in slightly-soapy water to clean the bracelet, and use a cloth for the face of the watch. Then rinse the bracelet under warm running water.
  4. Dry your watch with a soft cloth.
  5. Do not place your watch near a dryer or radiator.
Storage Tips
  1. Store the case on a soft surface with the dial side up at a moderate temperature as the case is very delicate.